The Vocational and Technical Education Application Platform METUP Introduction Meeting was held in Ankara with the participation of Deputy Minister Sadri Şensoy in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, Directorate General for Vocational and Technical Education and UNICEF.

Speaking at the meeting held in the Conference Hall of the Board of Education and Discipline, Şensoy said that in the perspective drawn by Minister Mahmut Özer, they planned many studies on the Turkish education system and implemented them in coordination with the central and provincial organizations.
Pointing out that all the steps taken in the last 20 years have been carefully implemented to make education more qualified, Şensoy noted that they have progressed by following the developments in the world and taking into account the needs of our country. 
Emphasizing the transformation experienced in vocational education, Şensoy stated that the Ministry aimed to ensure international student mobility throughout the world and to develop mutual cooperation between Türkiye and other countries, and that the number of international vocational and technical Anatolian high schools will increase to 10 with 3 new schools that will start education in the 2023-2024 academic year.
Noting that digitalization has an important place in the world, Şensoy stated that information and resources have become more accessible with the digitalization move, and that education and educational tools need to be reinterpreted in this context. Expressing that in addition to the Vocational and Technical Education Application Platform METUP, EBA, ÖBA, HEMBA, ÖDS, DİYALEKT/ DIALECT platforms operate within the Ministry, Şensoy evaluated that digital education platforms make a significant contribution to equality of opportunity.
Expressing that vocational high schools have reached the level that can produce their own training sets and machines, Şensoy emphasized that the vocational and technical education system is now able to produce its own augmented reality materials. Underlining that it is very important that teachers and students take part in all the design and production stages of augmented reality materials, Şensoy stated that these materials are a very good example to explain how important the point of vocational and technical education is.
Saying that METUP will be an important part of the digitalization move in education, Şensoy stated that METUP will provide benefits to the education world. Deputy Minister Şensoy thanked everyone who contributed, especially the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education, UNICEF and its employees.
UNICEF Türkiye Country Office Deputy Representative Paolo Marchi, Director General for Vocational and Technical Education General Manager Nazan Şener, Director General for EU and Foreign Relations Hasan Ünsal, Director General for Secondary Education Halil İbrahim Topçu, Director General for Innovation and Education Technologies (YEĞİTEK) Ertuğrul Karalar, Director General of Lifelong Learning Hüseyin Burak Fettahoğlu, Director General for Support Services Levent Özil, General Manager of Teacher Training and Development Cevdet Vural and Head of Strategy Development Mehmet Fatih Leblebici attended the program.

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